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Student wearing a dress from plastic bottles.

Student wearing a dress from plastic bottles.

Fashion Do’s and Don'ts

REDUCE the amount of clothing you purchase in person and online. The fashion industry is now producing 52 seasons of clothing a year, and much of the clothing is accumulating in landfills. The average American discards about 80 pounds of used clothing per year. This, unfortunately, ends being sent to many countries in Africa and hurts their local economy. People no longer need to buy clothing in these areas because they end up gaining more clothing from the developed world than they know what to do with.

REUSE the clothing you already have. If you have a hole in a shirt, don’t send it to the landfill. Instead, invest in a sewing kit and follow this guide for a quick fix! Try to get as much use out of your clothing until it is completely worn out! If you find a passion for reusing clothing, sign up for Eco-Fashion & Art Show happening from 7-9pm in the de Saisset on February 22nd to show off your reuse skills.

RECYCLE:  If you have clothing you absolutely cannot wear again, try making the material into something new. If you have a worn shirt, see if you can use it as a dishrag. If you have a ton of old t-shirts make it into a quilt, follow these instructions here! If you have old jeans, try cutting them and making them into a bag or even use it as insulation!

RESPECT the people and resources that are needed to make your clothing. There is a person behind every shirt, dress, and pair of pants that you wear, so it is important to figure out whether the brand you are purchasing from treats their workers fairly. In order to learn more about which brands are known for their sustainability practices and fair treatment of their workers, look at Rank a Brand.