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Monthly Stories

Take Action: Less is More

Tips to pursuing happiness in simplicity and sustainability.

As Broncos, we are constantly bombarded with messages through social media and advertising that teach us that consuming more will enrich our quality of life. But in reality, it’s the opposite! Buying less stuff enables us to focus on investing in relationships, requires less energy, and produces less waste. When we take the time to reflect on the moments that leave us feeling joyful and fulfilled, we are called to redefine our values and priorities.

Reduce Unnecessary Consumption: Make a list of ten things that truly make you happy. You might find that those items aren’t actually material possessions, they are experiences. The next time you are at Target or perusing Amazon online, ask yourself, “Is this going to make me happy?” This new mantra might completely change your purchasing habits. In addition, consider updating your wardrobe and exchanging clothes at Swap for Good at the end of May.

Repurpose Your Time: Social media can be great for staying updated on friends and family, but it can definitely get overwhelming. Try detoxing for a week and see how long you can make it! Delete Snapchat and Instagram and call your friends from home instead. Live in the moment and prepare a meal with your roommate or reach out to a person who you may have lost touch with.

Respect Your Community: Enough can never be said about how valuable engaging with our community can be to us as individuals. Look into joining a SCCAP program, go on an immersion trip through the Ignatian Center, or volunteer at the Forge Garden. Getting more involved within the SCU community will connect you to others that share your values and interests and widen your horizons of meaningful experiences.

Reflect and Express Gratitude: It’s okay to love your favorite pair of shoes or your Hydro Flask water bottle. You don’t have to detach yourself from your possessions entirely, but appreciate what you have beyond material things. This could mean keeping a gratitude journal, looking into ways to reduce your carbon footprint, or try to spend a little extra time in nature.