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Reusable utensils made from bamboo alongside succulents

Reusable utensils made from bamboo alongside succulents

The Race to Reduce Waste

Our collective, everyday actions and decisions molded by sustainability add up to large-scale change. Start with these easy tips for minimizing waste.

Everyone can agree that waste is a terrible thing, whether in the form of time, money, food or trash. It hurts our environment, our mental health, and most of all our future. So let's start today. It’s surprisingly easy and you don't need to be perfect. Strive towards constant improvement, being aware and active in the choices you make everyday.

Reduce the amount you consume. Only purchase high-quality goods that will last, saving yourself money in the long run and time spent making buying decisions, not to mention keeping junk out of our landfills and ecosystems.

Reuse rather than continue to replace disposables. Glasses instead of plastic cups, dish towels instead of paper ones, and reusable bags instead of plastics bags are simple changes avoid an incredible amount of waste. And they’re quickly becoming standard practice rather than the eco-friendly choice. You can start right here on campus, like donating gently-used school supplies at our Share Shelf.

Recycle anytime you can. Even if you are unfamiliar with the material, there are often labels on packaging indicating whether the item can be recycled or not. Limit your individual contribution to landfills, and check out our Waste FAQs for more info on what can be recycled and composted!

Respect current and future generations. Every piece of trash produced adds to the burden we and our children have to face with growing piles of garbage. Climate change requires us to act now, and reducing waste in our daily lives is one of the most effective ways to combat this worldwide issue.

Invest in reusable utensils to conveniently carry in your backpack when you're on the go!