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Natural light illuminates the Center for Sustainability's office

Natural light illuminates the Center for Sustainability's office

Turn On the Energy Conservation Mindset

Ready for SCU’s annual Energy Challenge? Start here with these simple energy-saving tips to pave the way for your RLC’s victory. Employees, off-campus residents, and grad students can play along too!

It’s October and the SCU Energy Challenge is in full swing! Help your Residential Learning Community (RLC) dominate the competition by incorporating these simple and energy-saving tips practiced in the Center for Sustainability’s office. Your individual actions make a difference, and you can easily track and celebrate your RLC’s progress here!

Saving electricity and meeting your fitness goals can go hand-in-hand. If you are able, refuse the elevator and climb the stairs for exercise during your daily routine. Even though the stairs in sustainability-themed Swig Hall may seem daunting, using the stairs on your way down can actually save time when the elevators are busy. Bonus: did you know that most exercise equipment in Malley are powered by sweat?

Halloween may be approaching, but beware of vampire energy throughout the year! You can reduce the energy consumed by appliances when they are not in use. Defeat vampire energy by simply unplugging your smartphone chargers, lamps, and other electronics when not in use, or invest in a smart power strip to conveniently curb wasted energy.

You can reuse sunshine to illuminate your space, especially in California. Open the blinds and fill your room with beautiful natural light during the day--your indoor plants will thank you for it, too!

Electricity works in many shapes and sizes. You can show respect and be mindful of energy usage in all forms. For example, you can save money and energy spent on heating water by washing full loads of laundry in cold water or reducing your time spent in the shower. Check out these other tips for living sustainably on- and off-campus!

Natural lighting illuminates the Center for Sustainability's office