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Zero-Stress for a Zero-Waste Party

Tips to throwing a zero-waste summer celebration

Thinking of hosting a get-together for the 4th of July? As you celebrate the festivities and enjoy the warm summer air, gather friends and family for a zero-waste party!

Reduce packaging waste by creating and customizing your own dishes. Check out these recipes curated by the Forge Garden!

Save money by removing single-use disposable utensils and plates from your shopping list. Provide or ask attendees to bring their reusable silverware and dishware.

Even if you can’t locate any recycling bins at your local park or party venue, bring your recyclable paper and plastic products home to divert these items from the landfill.

When we take the time to make our own dishes with friends, use what we have, and be creative, we can lessen our impact and respect our planet and its communities.

Homemade vegan ice cream being served at the Forge Garden to celebrate the graduating sustainability interns

Flower arrangement from the Forge Garden

Celebrating the graduating sustainability interns at the Forge Garden