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Strategic Plan

Sustainability Strategic Plan

It's been 15 years since SCU established our Comprehensive Policy on Sustainability. WIth the input of students, staff, and faculty, this plan builds upon this foundation and lays out a course of action to achieve our vision of developing a more humane, just, and sustainable world. SCU students have urged us to ensure that the Plan pushes us beyond our comfort zone, toward new objectives, requiring some initial investment, and ultimately leading to a healthier planet, enriched academic experiences for students, and ongoing savings. We believe Santa Clara University is ready for this challenge. We will reverse global warming. We will mobilize our communities to take action. And we’ll do this together. Join us on this Mission Sustainable and be a part of SustainableSCU. 


A publication holds goals for 3 focus areas: climate action, responsible consumption, and quality education.


A dynamic implementation roadmap displays strategies. View their status as we work toward achieving SCU's goals.


Everyone has a role to play. Join us. Find your Playbook to see actions YOU can take to contribute.


See the impact of our collective actions. Gauges display status, dashboards illustrate trends.

Watch a short overview of SCU's Sustainability Strategic Plan

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Climate Action

SCU is committed to carbon neutrality for scopes 1 and 2 by 2020, and for scope 3 by 2029. This section consists of transportation, energy, and climate.

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Responsible Consumption

We need to use our resources wisely on both an operational and individual level. This section consists of purchasing, landscaping, water, and waste.

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Quality Education

There are a number of ways to learn about sustainability on campus--inside and outside of the classroom. This section consists of student and employee engagement as well as academics.