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Hardware Quotes

SCU's Technical Support Services support both Windows-based and Apple computers on campus.  The preferred Windows-based desktop computer is the Dell OptiPlex. 

Step One for Upgrades 

Since each model can take different kinds of memory and hardware, it can be difficult to determine what to purchase for your computer. In an effort to simplify this process, Technical Support Services and the Purchasing Department have developed a procedure for memory purchases and upgrades.

If you need a quote to upgrade your existing computer (more memory, bigger hard drive, etc.), you will first need to obtain your serial number.

  • For Dell OptiPlex computers, look on the top of the computer just above the DVD drive (if you have a "minitower" model) or look on the side of the computer, to the right of the DVD drive (if you have a "desktop" model) and look for a grey or black sticker.  We will need the "service tag" number, which is 7 alphanumeric characters.

  • For the Apple platform, go to the Apple menu and choose "About this Mac".  Then click on "More info...".  Your serial number will appear there.

New Purchases

If you just need to purchase a new computer or printer, you do not need a serial number.  Please visit our Hardware Recommendations page to see what we recommend, then continue on to the next step.

Step Two

Send an email to to request a hardware quote.  If you need to upgrade something on your existing computer, please include your serial number in the email (see Step One above).  If you are requesting a quote for a new computer or printer, please let us know what you want to purchase.

Once we receive your quote request, we will send you a hardware quote as soon as possible.

Step Three

To purchase your hardware, use the online PeopleSoft Tech Requisition to order.  Be sure to include the Dell or Apple quote or proposal number when filling out the tech req.

Step Four

After you receive your new hardware, please contact the Technology Help Desk.  We will install / configure / setup your new hardware for you.