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SyAM Energy Savings Program

With the support of Silicon Valley Power, the University has partnered with SyAM Software to deploy tools to manage and audit the power consumption of University owned desktop computers.  

Using these tools on both MACs and PCs, the University has been able to monitor and report on both the power savings and monetary savings that have resulted (and are included below.)   We are continuing to work with both Silicon Valley Power and SyAM Software to include additional computers into the program  It is important to thank Silicon Valley Power, for without their sponsorship, this project and the resulting environmental benefits would not have been possible. Improving energy conservation will help reduce the campus carbon footprint by minimizing the electricity consumption of office computers.  

Research Studies such as described in the white paper by Megan Bray provide support for the conclusion that "... ensuring computers are turned off at night dramatically reduces their energy consumption."

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On April 1, 2013, SyAM's software was activated on office computers across campus. Computers will hibernate after they've been inactive for three hours. When in hibernation, a computer typically consumes approximately 2% of the power it uses when in normal operating mode, yielding a 98% savings in electrical consumption, with minor additional savings from reduced cooling needs. Hibernating computers can be returned to normal operation by pressing the keyboard's space bar or by pressing the computer's power button (which will be flashing blue). 

If you currently use VPN and RDP to access to your computer remotely, Information Technology will need to make changes in the standard configuration of the SyAM software to allow this. If you use these capabilities, please identify your computer by completing the SyAM RDP Survey

If you feel the SyAM software is impacting the ability for you to do your job, please identify your computer by completing the Syam Business-Use Survey.

Thank all of you for helping us contribute to achieving the University's sustainability goals. 

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