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Technology at SCU

Subscribe to Email Distribution Lists

In order to subscribe to a list, please go to to find the list. 

Click on the link for the list's information page. Under subscription information, fill out the form with your email address, your name, and a password.  If you do not provide a password, one will be created for you. 

IMPORTANT: Do not use a valuable password as it will occasionally be emailed back to you in clear text.

If the list supports multiple languages, you may designate which you would prefer. This only affects member options page and will not translate posts from their original language. Once you have completed inputting the information, please press "Subscribe".

Once the subscription is processed, you will received a message asking for confirmation that you do indeed wish to join the list. For some lists, approval is required by the list owner to accept new subscribers, and in which case you will receive an email indicating as such. Please follow the instructions in the confirmation email on how to complete the subscription process.

If you wish to subscribe by replying to the confirmation email instead of clicking the link, please hit "Reply to sender" not "Reply to all", and be sure to uncheck the "Include message received from sender" box.

Next, you may receive a welcome message indicating you have successfully been added to the list. Keep in mind, however, than some lists do not send out welcome messages as part of the list's settings.

Essential Global Lists

For the essential lists, SCU-Faculty-Essential, SCU-Staff-Essential, SCU-UGrad-Essential, SCU-Grad-Essential, JST-Faculty-Essential, JST-Staff-Essential, and JST-Student-Essential, you will be automatically subscribed.  The essestial lists are refreshed on a yearly basis in mid October. If you find that you have not been added, please contact the Technology Help Desk (408) 554-5700. 

The essential email distribution lists are used to provide essential communication(s) to the community and members cannot remove themselves from the list. 

Non-essential Global Lists

Members of non-essential global lists, SCU-Faculty, SCU-Staff, SCU-Student-Events, and SCU-Grad-Events are free to remove themselves from the email distribution list, however, they will need to do so once every year after the list is refreshed. Please read how to unsubscribe from an email list. To subscribe to the email distribution list, please see above.