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Learning Gmail

Google Mail

 Gmail is the email application provided in G Suite. Gmail has powerful features such as filtering, archiving, and searching. Here are some resources for learning and mastering Gmail.


For assistance with Gmail visit the Google Support Center. You will find assistance with Gmail by selecting Gmail Help.

To create an SCU signature, use the SCU Signature Creator. Once you have created a signature, follow the instructions below. 

Gmail Signature Sample

Click the "Preview" button. On the new page, select all page contents (Ctrl/Cmd-A), then copy to your clipboard (Ctrl/Cmd-C). In Gmail, go to your mail settings page, scroll down to the signature box and delete any content there. Paste the signature from the clipboard (Ctrl/Cmd-V), then save the settings.
Your new signature should now work.

Note: you'll need to have rich text formatting enabled in your Gmail 'Compose' settings. More information about Gmail signatures can be found in the Google Help site.

Quick steps for how to compose messages, add attachments, reply, forward, and print messages can be found in the Gmail Support Center under Send & receive messages.

Learn more about adding, editing, importing contacts by visiting the Gmail Support Center - Contacts section.

Rather than listing each message reply as a new message in your Inbox, Gmail, by default, groups a message and its replies in a conversation, which is listed only once. Opening a conversation shows all its messages in a neat stack, which you can easily collapse or expand. When a new reply arrives, the stack grows and the conversation is marked as unread, indicating there’s something new to look at. Grouping messages this way allows you to quickly retrieve all messages within a thread and reduces inbox clutter.

Conversation view is turned on by default. To turn Conversation view off, go to Settings and select "Conversation view off".

For more information about Gmail settings, visit the Gmail Support Center.

The Gmail Support Center provides tips and tricks for beginners as well as experts. Learn how to organize your inbox, star emails, set up auto-replies, and use keyboard shorcuts.

Using GMail through a web browser is not the only way to access your email. You can make use of other email programs running on your desktop computer, or configure your email on your mobile phone or tablet.

You can find some guidance on our webpages.