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Technology at SCU

Status Alerts

  • Load Balancer Infrastructure Work - Informational 3/1 12:00-2:00am

    All, We will be doing work to expand our load-balancing capabilities to different parts of our network. We do not anticipate any production-impacting disruptions during this time. The work should take approximately 2 hours to complete, and will begin on 3/1 at 12:00am.

  • Building Uplink Maintenance - AES and Dowd - Informational 3/1 12:00am-2:00am

    All, We will be performing some fiber maintenance on uplinks supporting the following buildings: - Admissions and Enrollment (AES) - Dowd Art and Art History These buildings are all supported by multiple links and only one will be impacted at a time, so we do not anticipate any disruption to the building networks. This work is scheduled to begin at 12:00am on 3/1, and to complete at 2:00am.

  • UPDATE: Partial Campus Cable TV Outage

    Reduced access will remain until February 17

    Programming for the Campus Cable TV system is switching over from DirectTV to Comcast. During this transition period you will have reduced access to TV Channels. To access channels over the next few days, please see instructions on the Campus Cable TV website. We apologize for the partial outage. Due to the storms, Comcast has delayed our project and expects to have signal in place by Friday, Feb. 17. Once that happens we will alert you and ask you to rescan your TV again.