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Workday Student at SCU

Beginning in 2023, Santa Clara University will replace eCampus with Workday Student. From scheduling classes, to awarding financial aid and checking student rosters, Workday Student will connect the SCU community with updated processes and create a better experience for our faculty, staff and students.  Workday Student uses cloud-based technology that is mobile friendly allowing the SCU community to stay connected wherever they are.

Over 110 SCU colleagues are already working on the development of Workday Student. Hear from some of them on what they are doing and what they are looking forward to with the new system.

Workday Student

Designed for the changing world of education


Here are just a few things Workday Student will do for:


  • Enter and change grades
  • Find course schedules
  • View class rosters
  • Review advisees' records


  • View Class Schedule
  • Register for Classes
  • Add, drop, or swap classes
  • View financial aid


  • Find student information
  • Update student records
  • Disperse financial aid

As the Workday Student project progresses this page will continually be updated. Look for information like FAQs, user guides, links to training materials, listening sessions and more.

Project Overview

Why Workday?

In 2016, Santa Clara University began a careful analysis of several Enterprise Resource systems. Through meetings with faculty, staff and students, along with presentations from various providers, Santa Clara chose Workday in 2017.

Many universities including Yale, Georgetown, Brandeis,and Wellesley have adopted Workday because of its ease of use, the flexibility the system provides, the focus on providing functionality specific to higher education, and the collaborative nature of the functionality design process.

Workday has a modern, mobile-friendly interface and delivers services over the Internet. Workday stores everything in the cloud, eliminating the need to store and protect data locally. Workday has many options which represent best in class business processes and functionality.

Becky Konowicz

Dean of Undergraduate Admission