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The Big Q

My roommate is loud when I'm trying to study. The person sitting next to me in my final was checking answers on her cell phone. The guy who took me to this party is too drunk to drive me home. Students confront ethical issues every day.

The Center's Big Q project provides a safe space--both online and on campus--for students to talk about these issues.  Using social platforms like this blog, Twitter, Facebook, and Yik Yak, we get the conversation started.  We also sponsor panel discussions, poetry slams, and other events to delve into the big questions students are asking.


Recent Blog Posts

  • Episode 1: What Are We Doing Here?

    The first episode of The Big Q Podcast!

    Miriam Schulman discusses why it's important to think about ethics and what makes a "good person."

  • Podcast Teaser

    The Big Q Teaser Episode

    A teaser episode, featuring: YOU!

    Hear what students at Santa Clara think about ethics.

  • Diploma

    Ethical Reflections from 3 Graduating Seniors

    Lessons from Psychology, Marketing, and Computer Engineering

    Leah Emery, Tiffany Lu, and Jonny Sofer share what they learned about ethics from their time at SCU.

  • Presidents and Pizza

    Voting and Being Informed

    Do we have a duty to do either?

    Being informed as a college student in the 2016 presidential election.

  • Smile

    Being Nice vs. Being Kind

    Are they the same?

    The ethical difference between being nice and being kind.

  • Red Solo Cups

    Ethical Partying

    It's Lit! But Is It Ethical?

    Creating a party culture that's safer for everyone.

  • Adderall

    A for Adderall?

    The ethics of using amphetamines for academics

    Is it ethical to take certain academic performance-enhancing drugs?

  • Starbucks coffee.

    Unpaid Internships

    Gaining valuable experience, or making coffee runs?

    Last week, The Big Q hosted a discussion on the ethics of unpaid internships. Here's what we discussed.

  • Student Loans

    Follow Your Passion or Pay off Your Debt?

    An Ethical Dilemma for Millennials

    Is it ethical to ignore money when you have student loans to pay?

  • White Lies

    White Lies

    Real Eyes Realize Real Lies

    When are white lies justified, if ever?

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    Away from her family and friends and feeling isolated, a Korean international student at an American school celebrates her 20th birthday alone.