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Musical Theatre Minor

Interested in Musical Theatre? The College of Arts and Sciences offers an interdisciplinary minor for Musical Theatre.

The musical theatre minor offers experience and training in music, theatre, and dance as well as aspects of the visual arts and literature. Musical theatre is prominent in America as art, entertainment, social commentary, and civic engagement; it therefore plays a part in Jesuit education of the whole person for the service of others. The objectives of this program include entry-level proficiency for a career in performance, enhancement in teaching, or further training in graduate school; audition techniques; performance of acting, singing, and theatrical dance; and knowledge of the cultural history and various forms of musical theatre. The student may pursue and declare one of two tracks: American musical theatre (Broadway) or lyric theatre (opera/operetta).

For your convenience, we've included the Academic Requirements for the Minor on this page as well, although the Department of Theatre and Dance is not directly involved in the minor.

Two tracks are available in the Musical Theatre Minor: American Musical Theatre or Lyric Theatre. Courses below are the same for both except as shown below. Some classes are taught every other year.

Lower Division
Music Theory I (MUSC 1)
Aural Skills (MUSC 1A)
Beginning Voice or higher level (MUSC 34)

Acting (THTR 24)

Jazz I (DANC 40) and Jazz II (DANC 41) (recommended for AMT)
Ballet I (DANC 43) and Modern (DANC 46) (recommended for Lyric)
Or one of each stated area at a higher level


Upper Division (19 units for Lyric and 20 units for AMT)
Lyric track-
Acting Styles: Musical Theatre (THTR 123)
Lyric Diction (MUSC 109)  May be done as Independent Study.
Songs and Scenes on Stage (MUSC 53/153)
Music of the Romantic Period (MUSC 194) 193 may be substituted

AMT track-
Musical Theatre Dance Styles (DANC 55/155)
Two of the following:
Acting Styles: Musical Theatre (THTR 123)
History of American Musical Theatre (THTR 165)
Musical Theatre Production Workshop (THTR 80/180)

For both tracks:
Three quarters of private voice lessons are required (these may be taken either as lower or upper division credits).