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Department ofTheatre and Dance

Fall Dance Festival 2015

Poster for Fall Dance Fest 15, featuring The Arts at SCSU.

Faculty Advisor: Lindsey Renee Derry

Choreography by Caitlin Burns and Torrie Ornelas

Fess Parker Studio Theatre

October 17–18, 2015


The bi-annual dance festival presents a diversity of original choreography created and performed by Senior Dance Emphasis students.

Choreographer, Torrie Ornelas


Choreographer's artistic statement

For as long as Torrie can remember, she has been able to remember many of her dreams. She has always been interested in discovering their meaning and if her dreams are somehow connected to her waking life. She has chosen dreams as her theme because she is fascinated by the many dreams that she has and how no one is able to explain why people have dreams. That creates an intangible and mysterious world for her.


Choreographer, Caitlin Burns


Choreographer's artistic statement

In this work, Caitlin explores themes of psychology and the human mind through movement. These include the experiences of those suffering from psychological disorders, their relationships with their loved ones, and their relationship to society and the outside world. People who are unfamiliar with these issues can feel powerless to understand them, and those who suffer from them can feel like they are unable to make it out of their overpowering darkness, both of which are often difficult to express verbally. The DSM-5 (Diagnostic Statistical Manual) was used to create movement phrases based on the actual signs and physical symptoms of the psychological disorders which have been incorporated into this piece. Represented are ideas of being and feeling emotionally isolated, feeling rejected or misunderstood by society and loved ones, and the realization that everyone needs human support to affirm that they are, in fact, not alone.