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Department ofTheatre and Dance

Charisma-Anima Collective 2021

Charisma Anima Collective 2021 presents Despite the Circumstances

Co-Directors: Emma Lenza & Abigail Nairn

Faculty Advisor: Kristin Kusanovich

January 14-16, 2021 online

Members of the Charisma-Anima Collective explored their spiritual and artistic depths in retreats and rehearsals throughout summer and fall, and created a film that not only draws on their talents as actors, dancers, writers, movers and video editors, but is a comedic commentary on their lives, backstage stories, pandemics and our times. Entirely created by students, this production is co-directed by Emma Lenza and Abigail Nairn.

This project was called Charisma from 2000-2020. This year, the 21st show bridges to a new name reflecting the concepts of spirit, breath, soul and life in the word “Anima.”