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Department ofTheatre and Dance

Winter One Act 2021

Faculty Advisor: Jeffrey Bracco

February 13-14, 2021 online

The war is over, for all but one. The penalty for burying the body of Antigone’s traitorous brother is execution, but Antigone is unafraid of death. A passionate martyr, her hopeful sister, a strange lady from the past, and a king who abides only by the law, Antigone Now is a tale of war, death, and the truth of living.

Directed by Tara Tedjarati

By Melissa Cooper

I've always been a fan of classics, and stories that give it a modern twist like this one are always intriguing. This tragic classic was a favorite of mine, and when I saw a one act contemporary version I got really excited. I consider myself so lucky to have worked with the people that I have, especially when directing a show over zoom. I'm excited for everyone to see it and I hope everyone loves it as much as I do.

Antigone Now is presented through special arrangement with Playscripts, Inc.