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Reporting to Law Enforcement

Report to Law Enforcement 

In an emergency or if someone is in immediate danger, call 911. The University encourages an individual who has been the victim of a sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, hate crime, or other potential criminal conduct to report the incident to the police. The report should be made to the police department in the jurisdiction where the crime occurred. Campus Safety Services and/or the Office of Equal Opportunity and Title IX will assist reporting parties, at the person’s request, in contacting local law enforcement and will cooperate with law enforcement if a party decides to pursue the criminal process.

There may be circumstances where the University is obliged to report an incident of violent crimes, hate crimes, or sexual assaults immediately, or as soon as practicably possible, to local law enforcement. The University has a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with local law enforcement and the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office. The Purpose of this MOU is to enhance communication, coordination, and collaboration, to institute specialized, trauma-informed responses to incidents of sexual assault, violence, and hate crimes, and to respect the reporting party's privacy and requests for confidentiality.

Reporting parties have the right to decide if they want to make a report to the police and/or speak with the police. University will honor requests for confidentiality. Campus and local law enforcement agencies are prohibited from disclosing information about violent crimes, hate crimes, or sexual assaults

if the reporting party requests anonymity. When information is shared with law enforcement, such reports will include (when the reporting party has consented to being identified): 

  • The name and characteristics of the victim.
  • The name and characteristics of the perpetrator if known.
  • Description of the incident, including location and date and time.
  • Any report number assigned to the police incident report documenting the investigation being conducted by the jurisdictional agency.

Reporting a Crime

Resources exist both on- and off-campus for individuals to report crimes to law enforcement.  

Campus Safety Services

Individuals should contact Campus Safety Services to report an emergency, report a crime, or request immediate assistance. Reports can be made 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. People are not required to file an incident report with Campus Safety Services or file a criminal report with law enforcement in order to access resources and support services on- or off-campus. 

Santa Clara Police Department (SCPD)

601 El Camino Real
Santa Clara, CA 95050

Office Hours:
Monday–Friday, 7:00 am–5:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am–3:00 pm
Closed Sunday

Inquiries & Information: (408) 615-4700

Berkeley Police Department

2100 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
Berkeley, CA 94704


If you are calling to report a crime in progress, dial 9-1-1.  For all non-emergencies, reporting suspicious activity, or making an initial report, please call the Department's non-emergency number (510) 981-5900.