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graph of warming

Screening of Film by Astrophysicist Jeffrey Bennett.

4 – 5:25 PM DALY SCIENCE 207

The following quotes are from Astrophysicist Jeffrey Bennett's GLOBAL WARMING PRIMER website:

"Is global warming real or imagined? Although the news media make this sound like a difficult and contentious question, the basic science is actually quite easy to understand. So for anyone who wonders what to believe, this primer should help you understand the truth behind the headlines.

“Preservation of our environment is not a liberal or conservative challenge; it’s common sense.”
— President Ronald Reagan, Jan. 25, 1984 (State of the Union address)


Is human-induced global warming a real threat to our future? Most people will express an opinion on this question, but relatively few can back their opinions with solid evidence. This is true on both sides, as many “believers” are no better able to explain the scientific case for global warming than “skeptics” are to make a case against it. Many times we’ve even heard politicians and media pundits say “I am not a scientist” to avoid the issue altogether.

But the truth is, the basic science is not that difficult. Sure, Earth’s climate is complex, and therefore so are many details of the science of global warming, but I can tell you from my own teaching experience that the key ideas are understandable to most fourth- and fifth-­graders. Indeed, even the more arcane details that you may hear debated in the media are usually simple enough once you focus on the heart of the matter. So if you want to understand and act intelligently on this issue, then I hope you’ll continue reading. By the end of this book, I believe you’ll be fully equipped to have an informed opinion about global warming."


Come check out the film and a student facilitated discussion at Daly Science 207 on Thursday Oct 17 from 4:00-5:25 PM!