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Climate Comedy


The Rotten Truth: Climate Comedy as a Wake-Up Call

Friday, April 22

3:30-4:30 PM PDT

On Zoom

Join Rowdy Keelor, with Factory Farming Awareness Coalition (FFAC) for a session featuring his YouTube series “The Rotten Truth.” Learn how climate humor can be used to inform, entertain and debunk disinformation, and maybe also learn how to stop climate change one destructive burger run at a time. You gotta laugh, because it’s so serious!


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*NOTE: The Zoom registration says the time of this event is Friday April 22 at 9:15am, but it is at 3:30pm. Please disregard the time listed on the Zoom registration.


Meet the Speaker

Profile photo of Rowdy Keelor

ROWDY KEELOR is the Classroom Program Manager for Factory Farming Awareness Coalition. In this role, he helps manage FFAC’s classroom programming and coordinates presentations and outreach in the San Diego region.

Over the past decade, Rowdy has fulfilled a diverse range of positions in the nonprofit world, co-founding a cigarette recycling organization in Asheville, NC, coordinating community outreach for one of the largest no-kill animal shelters in the Southeast US, and organizing for Dogwood Alliance to protect Southern forests. Rowdy loves making music and is a heck of a drummer. This is his first time creating a session for tUrn, but he steps into a venerable 6-tUrn tradition of providing a powerful headliner on debunking climate disinformation, through the power of humor.