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University Budget Forum

Santa Clara University's budget is built based upon Five Guiding Principles:

  1. Maintaining the lowest possible cost of education by controlling tuition and room and board rate increases and funding financial aid
  2. Increasing SCU’s ability to recruit and retain talented faculty and staff
  3. Making investments which support the strategic plan
  4. Investing in information technology to enhance the learning environment and maintain SCU’s position in the Silicon Valley
  5. Responsibly steward costs and expenses

With those in mind, the University Board of Trustees approved a total budget of $516.5 million dollars in fiscal 2019-2020.  Further details on the full breadth of priorities considered in FY20 and previous years, please see the budget forum presentations below.


Budget Forum Presentation Archive



Word map infographic showing Budgetpak subtotals in proportional size to their % actual