Santa Clara University

Santa Clara University - Undergraduate Admission

Todd Hicks

Assistant Director

I discovered SCU after graduate school in 2005. As a former teacher in the Peace Corps, I immediately understood the value of a Jesuit Education and the Core Curriculum. Having lived on the East Coast and in the Rocky Mountains, I appreciate the opportunity to be in the heart of Silicon Valley. I hope to welcome you to campus.

Todd helps freshmen and transfer students from the following territories: Oregon and Washington.

1. How do you define a great application?
A great application showcases the unique aspects of the applicant; the experiences and perspectives that the individual would bring to our community. The application should highlight academic strengths and how the applicant has overcome challenges. The reader should finish the review wanting to introduce the applicant to the admission committee, and the campus community.

2. What inspires your work?
The Jesuits talk about having a ?vocational calling.? Within this context education is about discerning what it is that we were meant to do. I believe that when we find our calling we are able to be happier and make more meaningful contributions to society through our work. I?m able to say that I love what I do. And, I continue to be inspired by students who use their skills to make their communities stronger.

3. What do you do in your spare time?
I am a parent so spare time is a relative concept. I enjoy backpacking and volunteering with Habitat for Humanity. My favorite activities also include catching live music and theater shows - there is always something cool happening in the area!

4. What is your favorite song?
I used to be a DJ, I generally like any music that enhances the energy of an event. If I have to pick just one song, I?d say "Little Wing" by Jimi Hendrix (the Stevie Ray Vaughn version is probably my favorite recording).