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SCU Visual Identity Standards and Guidelines

This guide establishes the basic standards to follow in support of maintaining a strong brand identity when creating communications for Santa Clara University. These standards are to be consistently applied to all of our branded touchpoints, including advertising, print, collateral, stationery, signage, and digital media. While there are some hard and fast rules, there is also room for flexibility and adaptability as demonstrated in the following sections.

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Visual Identity Elements

Find guidance on adopting the consistent use of SCU's official logos, colors, and other facets of the University's brand identity system and standards.

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Access the University photo archive of more than 5,000 images, and find photo shoot info, policies, and resources to help support SCU's visual storytelling efforts.

Need help with applying SCU's visual elements? Please contact:

COLIN BUCKNER, Associate Director, Design

408-554-5119  |

BLAKE FERGUSON, Associate Director, Design

408-551-3055  |