UniversityMarketing and Communications

Finding Photos in Our Archive

If you are looking for specific photos to support your unit’s website content or print projects, you are invited to explore the University’s digital photo library.

The SCU Widen Collective

The SCU Widen Collective, Santa Clara’s University’s digital asset management (DAM) system, provides a centralized cloud-based location to upload, download, and share electronic assets. It holds an accessible, visual database of photos for SCU communicators and affiliated groups to search, retrieve, curate, and add to.

Currently, the system contains more than 5,000 archived images, and the collection grows continually as new visual assets are generated.

Archive Photo Usage Policies

To ensure the protection of SCU’s intellectual property and that our digital assets are used properly, please follow these guidelines:

  • Unless otherwise stated, all images within the database are the property of Santa Clara University.
  • SCU communicators and affiliated groups may upload high-resolution images to the system, but must follow all established guidelines.
  • The images in the database may be downloaded and used for University purposes only.
  • The images in the database may not be shared with individuals or entities unrelated to SCU, without written permission prior to distributing images electronically or in print.
  • The images in our DAM systems may not be distributed, used, or sold for commercial purposes.