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UniversityMarketing and Communications

Visual Identity Elements

While the University's official logo is vitally important to our brand, Santa Clara’s visual identity is more than just our logo. It is a complete system that comprises all aspects and components of our visual brand messaging efforts, and the details are spelled out carefully in the sections below.


University Logos

Guidelines and correct configurations for SCU's most important visual branding tool.

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The SCU Seal

Usage applications for the University's official, iconic symbol, having historical Jesuit roots.

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Wordmark Use

The word-only version of our logo and its functions for enhancing the SCU brand.

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Official Colors

The University's color palette of core and accent color options to support the SCU brand.

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University Fonts

The official primary and secondary fonts that support SCU's typographic identity.

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DIY Templates

Page layout examples and available templates for internal department self-publishing options.

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