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UniversityMarketing and Communications

Our Brand Attributes

Our principle attributes are our essence. These make up our enduring foundation. They inform what we say. They should come through in the content of our language and the messages we try to convey.

Our brand attributes are the building blocks that will introduce and describe the University as a whole before more targeted messages are created for each specific audience.

Our Brand Attributes:

Jesuit Values

We believe in Jesuit values—the education of the whole person; the intersection of intellect, faith, and values; rigorous thinking; and making the world a better place. We believe you can teach compassion and ethical decision-making. What we don’t mean—lacking respect or understanding for other faiths, volunteerism as a one-way process rather than a two-way learning process.


We believe in innovation—new and more streamlined ways of accomplishing things, creativity, the eureka moment, the intersection of the arts and engineering. We believe you can teach innovative thinking.


We believe in entrepreneurship—bootstrapping, starting things up, building a better mousetrap. We are located in Silicon Valley, known for its extraordinary visionaries, who have designed and created some of the most significant scientific and technological advances of our age. The opportunities for internships and jobs in Silicon Valley are rich and reliable. We believe you can teach entrepreneurship.


We believe in leadership—inspiring the aid of others in working toward a common goal. Being able to articulate the goal in the first place. Earning trust. We believe you can teach leadership.


We believe in success—positive outcomes, winning teams, winning research grants, winning Rhodes scholarships. What we don’t mean—success that benefits the individual only, success that harms the environment or is unethical, success that doesn’t aid the community or the world.