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UniversityMarketing and Communications

Layouts / Templates

Page layout examples and corresponding templates enable customized, do-it-yourself publishing for SCU units and departments.

For staff and faculty who wish to create their own print publications or Powerpoint slideshows for their units or departments, University Marketing and Communications has created a series of templates for a wide variety of publication types as shown below. From simple projects set up in Microsoft Word to more complex pieces created in InDesign graphic design software (experience needed), these templates ensure a consistent look that supports SCU branding.

How To Access Template Files

Click on the file names below to view a full-size version of each piece and download the PDF samples and the EDITABLE TEMPLATE FILES for PowerPoint and Microsoft Word. To request the editable InDesign template files, please contact Art Director Blake Ferguson.

Powerpoint Template

Powerpoint Slides

The University Wide Screen Powerpoint Template

View full-size/Download
University Power Point Template


inDesign Templates

Ad 4-Color

View full-size/Download
SCU_ad_4c_ps_LR.pdf (107.3 kB)


Ad Black and White

View full-size/Download
SCU_ad_bw_LR.pdf (260.0 kB)


3-Panel Brochure 2-Color

View full-size/Download
SCU_3panel_2C_LR.pdf (828.3 kB)


3-Panel Brochure 4-Color

View full-size/Download
SCU_3panel4C_LR.pdf (168.5 kB)


Booklet 2-Color

View full-size/Download
SCU_booklet_2c_LR.pdf (2.4 MB)


Booklet 4-Color

View full-size/Download
SCU-booklet_4c_LR.pdf (741.7 kB)


Booklet 4-Color Alternate

View full-size/Download
SCU-booklet_4C_LR_2.pdf (694.2 kB)


Flier 2-Color

View full-size/Download
SCU_flier_2c.pdf (174.2 kB)


Flier 4-Color

View full-size/Download
SCU_flier_4c_LR.pdf (105.4 kB)


Invitation 2-Color

View full-size/Download
SCU_invitation_2c_LR.pdf (149.2 kB)


Invitation 4-Color

View full-size/Download
SCU_invitation_4c_LR.pdf (447.3 kB)


Newsletter 2-Color

View full-size/Download
SCU_newletter_2c_LR.pdf (1.4 MB)


Newsletter 4-Color

View full-size/Download
SCU_newsletter_4c_LR.pdf (1.1 MB)


Newsletter 4-Color Alternate

View full-size/Download
SCU_newsletterC2_LR.pdf (1.0 MB)


Newsletter 4-Color Cover

View full-size/Download
SCU_newletter_4c-cover_LR.pdf (549.5 kB)


Postcard 2-Color

View full-size/Download
SCU_postcard_2c_LR.pdf (358.1 kB)


Postcard 4-Color

View full-size/Download
SCU_postcard_4c_LR.pdf (361.6 kB)

Note: Font files included with the InDesign templates are Mac-version only. If you intend to work on a PC, and do not have the specified fonts, they are available for purchase online at To avoid copyright infringement, each user must purchase his or her own copy of these fonts, for use with InDesign templates.


Microsoft Word Templates