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Marketing and Communications

Wordmarks / Headers

Our wordmark functions as an official University logo, using only the words in our name and no other graphic elements. 

Using University Wordmarks

Wordmarks are most often used as part of a document's header system. See examples in the Layouts / Templates section. 

Any official materials associated with the University that the public may see—whether in print, online, or around campus—must include the SCU Mission logo or wordmark. For more information about logos and usage, or to request official logo files for print or Web use, please contact the Interim Art Director, Colin Buckner.


Approved Wordmark Colors

PMS 201
CMYK 0,100,63,29

CMYK 0,0,0,100

CMYK 0,0,0,0


Incorrect Usage

Do not track the logotype more OR less than 190

Do not alter the logotype color from the approved palette

Do not change the logotype font from Trajan Bold

Do not change the background color from the approved palette

Do not place logotype on overly distracting images

Need help with applying SCU's visual elements? Please contact: