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Zipcar, the world's largest 24/7 car-sharing service, provides Santa Clara University students, faculty and staff with a convenient and eco-friendly way to get around – whether it’s running errands, driving around campus or taking a road trip.

The Zipcar fleet at SCU includes a Honda Insight, a Toyota Prius, and a Toyota Matrix. The cars are parked at the Main Campus Parking Garage; in the surface lot near Buck Shaw Stadium. Cost varies depending on the day of the week - Monday through Friday $8 per hour or $66 per day, Saturday through Sunday $9 per hour or $72 per day. Fuel is included. Cars may be driven up to 180 miles per day (each additional mile is 45 cents). There's a one-hour minimum and four day maximum for reservations.

Reserving a Car

To reserve a car, you must be age 18 or older, meet eligibility requirements and join Zipcar using a debit or credit card to pay the annual membership fee of $35 for individuals. Members age 18 to 20 can only reserve Zipcars assigned to the SCU campus; members 21 and older have access to Zipcar’s network of more than 5,500 vehicles throughout North America and the United Kingdom.

All memberships, reservations and payments are administered and managed by Zipcar.


Why bring a car to campus when you have access to Zipcar? The initial $35 annual membership fee is applied as a credit toward reservations in your first month. Once membership is confirmed, a Zipcar card is mailed to the credit or debit card billing address. At SCU, members ages 18 to 20 can only reserve and use the four cars located on SCU’s campus. Users 21+ may reserve and drive anywhere there is a Zipcar. Drivers under 21 are encouraged to review this important insurance information.

To join Zipcar as a student:


If you use Zipcar for personal reasons, join with a personal credit or debit card. A Santa Clara University Corporate credit card cannot be used to purchase Zipcar services. The initial $35 annual membership fee will be applied as a credit toward reservations in your first month. Once membership is confirmed, you’ll receive a Zipcar card in the mail.

To join Zipcar as staff/faculty:

International Staff & Students

International staff and students are welcome to join Zipcar, even if your driver's license was issued outside the US or Canada. Visit this page for more information.