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CBL Affiliate Membership

Community-based Learning (CBL) Affiliate Memberships for SCU Students

Determining Eligibility to Apply to Zipcar for CBL Affiliate Membership

CBL Affiliate memberships in Zipcar are meant to be used for transportation to and from off-campus Community-based Learning engagement sites during the quarter in which a student is enrolled in an academic course that requires community-based learning. Students who have enrolled in a qualifying academic course will be informed via their SCU email accounts of their eligibility to apply to join Zipcar as a “CBL Affiliate” member.

CBL Affiliates may register for free (the $25 application fee is waived and the university will cover the initial $15.00 annual membership fee); however, CBL Affiliate members

When and How to Apply

After receiving the email, students may apply for CBL Affiliate memberships by visiting the SCU Zipcar website and following the application instructions. Eligible students may apply for membership 3 days in advance of the quarter and up to the end of week 10 of the quarter.

Students that have been notified by SCU of their eligibility to apply for a CBL Affiliate membership who are already Zipcar members need to email their name, SCU ID, and Zipcar number to Jason Kudlock at Zipcar ( specifying that they qualify for the CBL Affiliate rental credit hours. (Please write, “I am enrolled in a course at Santa Clara University this quarter that qualifies me for participation in SCU’s CBL Affiliate program with Zipcar. Please credit the 20 CBL Affiliate rental hours to my Zipcar account.” Be sure to include your full name, SCU ID, and Zipcar number in the email.). Note: The Zipcar member services team will assign eligible Zipcar members the special CBL Affiliate status so they can receive their complimentary program driving credit.

Eligible students are strongly encouraged to apply as soon as they are informed by SCU of their eligibility.

Benefits of CBL Affiliate Membership

During the 2017-18 academic year, CBL Affiliate membership includes 20 free rental hours for use during the eligible quarter. After 20 hours the student’s credit card will be charged $7.50-$8.50 per hour Monday-Thurday, or $69.00 per day (any 8-24 hour period) Monday-Thursday. On weekends, student’s will be charged $8.50-$9.50 per hour Friday-Sunday, or $77.00 per day Friday-Sunday. There is no charge for gas or insurance.

Special Reminders about CBL Affiliate Membership

Carpooling to CBL engagement sites

SCU strongly encourages students to carpool to their CBL placement sites. Students can check with other students in their academic course to establish carpools.

Reserve Zipcars in Advance

After receiving their Zipcar membership card, students may reserve a Zipcar online or by phone. Zipcars can be reserved up to a year in advance or, when available, a minute before departure. Students are encouraged to make reservations in advance for each week of their off-campus community-based learning engagement activities.

Dropping a Qualifying Course

If students enroll in a qualifying course and obtain a CBL Affiliate membership in Zipcar and then subsequently drop the course, they may be billed by SCU for the 20 credit hours that were used.

Opting Out of Zipcar Membership

Once students have established a membership in Zipcar and provided they continue to meet Zipcar's eligibility requirements, they will automatically be reenrolled in Zipcar on the one-year anniversary of the date the membership began. At that time, students' credit cards will be charged Zipcar's annual fee. Students who do not want to continue their Zipcar memberships must remember to CANCEL THE MEMBERSHIP before the automatic reenrollment date.

Other Transportation Options

Students who are not eligible or not interested in Zipcar membership may want to consider other transportation options for travel to and from off-campus Community-based Learning engagement sites. Other options (at the student’s expense) include: