Session 5, Abstract 28


Gabrielle Serrati* (Jacob Lanphere), California Baptist University, Biology Department, 8432 Magnolia, Riverside, CA 92585

This research examines the varying multitude of life that have decided to propagate in the Dana Point Harbor due to factors such as this past El Nino, transferring of ballast water, and accidental circumstances. This observation was carried out by attaching square plastic plates measuring 6 inches on each side to ropes that were then hung off of Ocean Institutes dock in the Dana Point harbor. One set of plates was submerged in the harbor for three months before observing the macroorganisms and microorganisms that have colonized the plates. The last set of plates was submerged in the harbor, and taken up every week to observe the weekly changes of species colonization compared to plates that were observed after months of submergence. The overall purpose of this study is to identify native species as well as exotic species that are potentially invasive to the harbor and their assumed place of origin. This research will aid in determining the foreign species in the Dana Point harbor and whether that species poses as invasive as well as the conceivable causation and location for which these organism originated or arrived from.

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