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RSS Feed

Include content from another web site using RSS

Many news and information web sites share content using RSS. If you find an RSS feed that you'd like to include in your site, just copy the feed URL and add that using the RSS Feed content type. This content type has both one- and two-column display variations.

In this example we're including RSS feeds from NPR, CSPAN, and the Santa Clara Broncos web sites.


CSPAN Podcasts

  • Bill Browder on Russia, Corruption and Human Rights

    Bill Browder, who was expelled from Russia in 2005 for exposing corruption, speaks at the World Affairs Council in Houston, about his work to expand the Magnitsky Act and his efforts to end human rights abuses around the world.
  • Historians and Social Media

    We interview historians and professors at the American Historical Association annual meeting in Chicago.
  • Lincoln's Sense of Humor

    The Abraham Lincoln Institute & Ford's Theatre Society host their annual Abraham Lincoln Symposium to highlight the 16th president's life & legacy. Featured speakers are David Blight, Michael Burlingame, Richard Carwardine, Nina Silber & James Tackac

SCU Women's Soccer

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