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Social Sharing

There are two ways to include social sharing options in a page. You can include the ShareThis plugin to allow visitors to share your page content in their social media spaces, and you can include a group of icons that link directly to your organization's Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks.

ShareThis social media buttons

Use the ShareThis content type to include one more links to social networks, allowing your site visitors to share the page content in their own networks. The content type includes options for links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, to email systems, or the ShareThis menu, which includes an extensive list of social networks. You can choose which icons and links are included.

Do you have your own ShareThis account?

The default setting for this content type uses the general-purpose SCU ShareThis account, but you're welcome to use your own. To do so, you'd add a new special-purpose section at the top level of your site named 'sharethis-config', and add the ShareThis Configuration content type to that section. In that content type you'll provide the code from ShareThis that specifies your account number, and then any information about content sharing in your site will be reported in ShareThis analytics.

Display options

There are four varieties of ShareThis buttons. You can select which style you prefer for your page when adding the ShareThis content type. Here are examples of the display options.

An example of the ShareThis options

Social Network Icons

The Social Icons content type lets you easily add links to various social media platforms to the right sidebar; see the example on the current page. Just enter the URLs for your sites and the icons will appear below the navigation menu.

Note that we always include links to the main SCU Facebook, Twitter, and others in the footer of every page, so this content type is intended to provide a way for your visitors to get directly to your own social media spaces.

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