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Display campus scenes with one of the SCU webcams

There are two webcams available - one at Benson Center and another with a view of Mission Gardens. Use the Webcam content type to include these in your site. This content type can be included in a the main content area, a grid, the left or right one-column areas, or the right column.

Mission Gardens

Mission Gardens

Here we have the Benson Center webcam, with a view of the patio area.

The Webcam content type includes an optional Heading field, which we're using with the Mission Gardens webcam but have omitted for the Benson image.

Refresh the image

You can set the Webcam image to refresh automatically, at intervals between 10 seconds and five minutes. Otherwise, the most recent webcam image will display every time the page is reloaded. As an example, the Mission Gardens image is set to refresh every 10 seconds.

Benson Center
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