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UniversityMarketing and Communications



The main SCU navigation is always SCU red (#B30738), and no other navigations use this color. There are four approved colors for other navigations:

black - with white text #000000 Example
gray - with white text #3c3c3c Example 
stone - with white text #4e4540 Example 
white - with burgundy text #ffffff Example 

Backgrounds and Text

There are an additional six accent colors in the site palette, that can be used as backgrounds or header text:

burgundy  #690521  
cadet  #3a5163   
light gray  #ebebeb   
navy  #021d52   
purple  #3d1d4e   
teal  #1d4952   


Schools and colleges should share the same color palette as the institutional site, with white horizontal navigation.

Secondary sites may use one of the approved accent colors as a background for their site header, combined with a suitable navigation color. This option is also available to primary sites and centers of distinction that desire a degree of separation from the institutional ecosystem, although they are encouraged to use the same white-on-white treatment as the institutional site.