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T4 Migration and Upgrade

TerminalFour has been upgraded to version 8.2.17.

The TerminalFour CMS has been upgraded to the current release. Along with the software upgrade, we have migrated to from Rackspace to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for hosting, and have upgraded application and database server resources for the CMS. With so many changes involved in this project we expect to discover some issues with the system in production use. We'll be tracking reports of TerminalFour-related issues here.

Missing JSON Files in Story and Profile Displays - this would impact lists of stories or profiles with paging navigation menus.


SCU Login access to causes continual page reload


Incorrect time-zone setting on the database server is causing display issues for Story Display, when a story has a publish or expiration time set 8 hours or less ahead of the current local time.


Full site publish processes stalling midway through, which blocks subsequent scheduled processes from running.

Resolution monitored

More detail on this project

Host Migration - Our current CMS installation is running on Rackspace, a cloud host for web applications. The migration step for this project moved our installation from Rackspace to Amazon Web Services (AWS). TerminalFour is consolidating all of their hosted CMS installation on AWS to improve reliability, security, and performance, as well as gain access to the many additional services available in AWS.

Software upgrade - The CMS software was upgraded from version to 8.2.17. There have been a number of bug fixes and system improvements rolled out by TerminalFour in the versions between our 8.1 installation and the 8.2.17 release. Details on user interface changes and bug fixes are noted below.

System Resources - Along with the migration to AWS and CMS software upgrade we have added significant resources to the application and database server used by TerminalFour. We expect to see improvements in system stability, responsiveness, and publish times following the completion of this project.

What to look for in the upgraded version

We have been testing this version of TerminalFour on the AWS platform for several weeks, and all of the standard T4 functions and our own customizations are working properly. We will be monitoring server logs closely and responding to Zendesk support tickets rapidly following the upgrade. Please submit a support ticket if you notice any unanticipated changes in your site.

You will notice some changes in the TerminalFour CMS with the new version.

  • Content type descriptions will be displayed below the content name.

    Content type descriptions
  • A notification icon has been added to the top menu bar, with publishing status information.

    Publishing notification
  • A warning/confirmation message will be displayed when moving categories in the Media Library.

    Media Library move warning message
  • Description text for image variants can now be edited

There are more updates and bug fixes behind the scenes in the 8.2 release, but you may notice a faster response in the CMS when editing and publishing content following the upgrade.

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