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Senior Center

"This program has helped me realize the demographic of the greater San Jose area and I now feel more connected with them. Individuals in this program have helped me realize the purpose of the Jesuit mission, and I am very grateful for this program because I have gotten in touch with both my roots and religious outlook."

Gabriella Quintana, Alma Senior Center

"My involvement with Arrupe has stretched my understanding of the material discussed in class. I have been able to get a greater understanding of the complexities and nuances of Alzheimer's disease through interacting with a variety of clients. The volunteer component has significantly enhanced my interest in helping and working with others."

Sara Rabinowitz, Alzheimer’s Activity Center

Alzheimers activity center

Bronco Urban Garden

"My Arrupe placement has helped me to gain a more firm grasp on the ideas expressed in the readings. Through my Arrupe placement I've seen real-world examples of the concepts discussed in class, and I think this has helped me to better understand the course content."

Michael Fieber, Bronco Urban Gardens

"I feel that this placement has allowed me to find compassion and empathy within myself. I feel that I have gained far more than I have given, and I hope that I can continue working at Estrella even after my placement is over."

Shivani Gohil, Estrella Family Services

Estrella Family Services

Sacred Heart Community Service

"Working with the Domestic Violence program at Sacred Heart has really encouraged me to pursue my passion for social work and helping underserved and underprivileged communities. I have a better understanding of the challenges the victims face in regard to filing restraining orders and going to court for child support and child custody."

Yilin Bi, Sacred Heart Community Service

"I have been impacted by the kids I work with in so many ways. They are kind, caring, and sometimes even crazy. They interact with one another in some of the weirdest ways, but on days I don't have my Arrupe assignment I find myself missing them. I'm thankful that they opened up their community to let me in."

Kate Wilson, San Jose Day Nursery

SJ Day Nursery

Washington Elementary

"I have been better able to connect with the Jesuit ideals of service, and I am thankful that my placement has helped me to better understand these things. Through working with individuals at my site and spending one-on-one time with them, I was better able to learn how I could help them and make a positive impact on them."

Aidan Gallegos, Washington Elementary