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Appalachia view of city & river

"This program was a welcome disturbance in my life. I've realized that corruption is much deeper, more hidden and pervasive than I realized. Environmental injustice is coupled with social injustice, and issues that are not widely broadcast are still issues. The Appalachian region has been devastated by the coal industry and people are mostly helpless against its power. There is nothing like physically removing, technologically isolating, and culturally immersing yourself to learn about the deep-rooted problems that are affecting people outside of your community."

Maggie Dong '21
Appalachia Immersion Participant

"This experience was amazing. I met some of the most amazing people and learned a ton from the different communities who welcomed us so warmly into their spaces. This experience further motivated my passion for social justice and made me value the importance of human interactions to work toward a common goal."

Julio Garcia Jimenez '19
Domican Republic Immersion Participant

Kino Border 1

"This immersion helped me begin to understand the complex and often intimidating issue of immigration. I left feeling desperate for change and eager to serve. The immersion exposed me to unimaginable suffering, but also let me see that there is hope and beauty in every circumstance. Immigration is no longer just a policy buzzword I hear on the news. It is a reality that both hurts people and offers salvation. I see the ways immigration can transform people's lives for the better, but also how immense suffering and injustice is enlaced into our country's legal system."

Abby Alvarez '22
Arizona Border Immersion Participant

"This immersion allowed me to realize my own forms of self-care and patience. It truly gave me insight into how to create presence among silence. I have a deep gratitude for all the sisters and their abundant wisdom. I would tell anyone considering this immersion that it is a profound and illuminating experience."

Maddie House-Tuck '19
Redwood Monastery Immersion Participant

Appalachia view with graffiti

"This immersion was life changing, or life enhancing. I will never forget the stories I heard and the injustices that are in this region. I was walking around a wealthy part of Santa Clara, admiring the aesthetic but immediately the landscape and the stories and the experiences of the people in West Virginia popped into my head. I thought about their toxic water streams as I passed the second pool of the apartment complex I was near. This trip really put things into perspective."

Annie Loewen '20
Appalachia Immersion Participant

"Stepping into the immersion, I was flooded with hesitation and skepticism. After a week in the Dominican Republic, my core was shaken, untouched passion was stirred within me, and I found solid ground in the steps I need to take towards my social justice journey."

Kayla Williams '19
Dominican Republic Immersion Participant

Fence and Rock Final

"The immersion to Nogales offered a look at the issue of immigration from many different perspectives. I am leaving the trip having a better understanding of the complexity of immigration and with hope that solutions do exist. Most importantly, my experience helped humanize the issue of immigration. The experiences one has on immersion help you to grow as an individual and realize how you can accompany people from diverse backgrounds in your life."

Vincent Sunzeri '19
Arizona Border Immersion Participant

"This trip was absolutely incredible. Every Sister we met was unique, hyper intelligent, reflective, wise, comical, sassy, etc. Their advice and the lessons that they taught us were supremely meaningful in my own life. Through this program I have learned how to prioritize self care, forgive others, and truly appreciate the environment/nature around me. Practices like meditation, silence, and being with nature are lessons I have continued to practice since I came home."

Jolyssa Souza '19
Redwood Monastery Immersion Participant

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