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East LA wall mural

Ecuador Statue

"This experience was completely transformational. It has made me reconsider how I, myself, can work toward justice in the world and has made people and their challenges that are 3600 miles away from me seem local. I am struck by the beauty we bore witness to, and am motivated in so many ways to change my own life into something better as a result. I can't think of a person who wouldn't benefit from going on this trip. I feel so proud to have gotten to know the people we met in Ecuador and hold their stories close as I go forward in my own life."

Javier Ramirez, Ecuador Immersion Participant

"We had many different experiences that enabled us to have this reflection about ourselves, and the world as a whole. It seems cliche to say that one week in another country changed me for the better, but it did. Being able to stand in another's shoes made me feel joy, sorrow, compassion, and love, in ways that I never had before."

Joshua Raymundo, Ecuador Immersion Participant

Ecuador Iguana

East LA Mural

"This immersion trip to East LA has shaped and given me new perspectives on aspects of my life that I never knew it could touch. It's one thing to hear or learn about the issues that individuals struggle with in other areas, but establishing a personal connection with these communities has, in the cheesiest way possible, restored my faith in humanity. There's really no words that can do this experience justice."

Colman Lin, East Los Angeles Immersion Participant

"Seeing the accomplishments of the women in the base community reminded me how making changes on a relatively small scale is still incredibly important. This trip gave me the much needed reminder of my place in the world, what I have to be grateful for, what I want to use my time thinking about and working on. After trips like these I find myself feeling inspired and ambitious to learn more and do more, and I get so excited to tell everyone I know about what we learned."

Hannah Rubens, East Los Angeles Immersion Participant

East LA Mission Dolores

L'Arche students

"My time at L'arche really taught me to value and strive for community, and more specifically to figure out what exactly community meant for me. The core members at L'arche, in the nicest, most wholesome way, essentially forced my heart open and filled it up. I was overcome with love, joy, and compassion and was left simply grateful for the community into which they welcomed me. Spending time at L'arche truly teaches one both to love and to be loved, to accept and to be accepted, to build and join a community."

Davin Cheng, L'Arche Immersion Participant

" It was an incredibly grounding experience. All the barriers to daily life seemed to dissolve, we were all very close and open. We went through the process as a unit, and I know that each of us enjoyed that special time immensely. It is therapeutic and expansive in all the right ways. I feel that this trip has answered my intentions of fulfilling the education of my whole self. It’s simply wonderful and in a way returning to the state of mind I feel we all belong to."

Anonymous, L'Arche Immersion Participant

L'Arche Reindeer

New Orleans Mural

"This immersion trip made me more aware of my surroundings, both literally and figuratively. I now want to be more involved with the people I pass on the daily. I want to know their story and their history, their passion and arguments. I also want to know about myself, who I am, where I came from, and who has influenced me within my family tree, as well as how I plan to influence others."

Alondra Vizcarra, New Orleans Immersion Participant

"This immersion reminded me of both the light and the darkness that exists in the world, but to see people turn tragedy into art gives me hope. It taught me to continue fighting for what I think is right and to be a light for others."

Anonymous, New Orleans Immersion Participant

New Orleans Art

SF Immersion 1

"I think this program taught me more than I expected. I had been to SF before so I came into the trip with expectations. Initially, this led me to feel unfulfilled but as the trip went on I learned how to live in the moment and be in solidarity with others. I witnessed how quickly people's perceptions can change based on stereotypes and to be mindful of how my own judgements affect me. Most importantly, I learned about community and how integral it is to the people in SF."

Georgia Bright , San Francisco Immersion Participant

"A takeaway of mine was how we find our common humanity on the streets. The friendships I've made in the Tenderloin showed me how similar every human is to one another. We all have a want for companionship, have unique talents, and stories that have made us who we are today. I learned a lot about humility and how people end up where they are not by what they have done always. I would tell everyone to definitely apply and they have to experience it for themselves. I think everyone should at least experience a street retreat, even our political leaders!"

Cambria Markezich, San Francisco Immersion Participant

SF Immersion 2