Santa Clara University


Closing an Account

Any ACCESS account automatically closes when the balance reaches zero. If you wish to have a refund of an unspent Flex Account balance when you graduate, withdraw from SCU or end employment, stop by, email, or call the ACCESS Card Office to request a refund form. A $10 processing fee is deducted from the refund balance.

Resident Dining Plans

Resident Dining Plans automatically close at the end of each quarter. For both Fall and Winter quarters, any unspent allowance up to 65 points will be forwarded into the Resident Dining Plan for the next quarter as long as you remain living on campus; any unspent balance exceeding 65 points will be forfeited. The Resident Dining plan expires at the end of Spring quarter, and at that time any unused points will be forfeited.

Dining Plus Plan

A Dining Plus Plan balance may be used as long as you remain enrolled as a student, however, any unspent balance is not refundable when you graduate or withdraw.




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