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Entrepreneurship for Others

Powering Change

Can we?

Can we create a solar tracking system to power lights and cell phones in rural Ghana?

David Lyons ’16,
LSB Global Fellow

Should we?

Should we immerse ourselves in marginalized communities to better understand global issues?

Jake Schneider,
Immersions Program

Will we?

SCU students tackle the world’s challenges through research and hands-on collaborations.

Silvia Figueira,
Frugal Innovation Lab

Top Stories

Contrary to Popular Belief

Falling in line with the Supreme Court’s majority had never been Antonin Scalia’s style. In a 2015 talk at SCU, he detailed what motivated his dissents.

  • Meningitis Updates for the Santa Clara University Campus

    For up-to-date information on free vaccines provided to students; updates on the confirmed cases affecting our students; statements and correspondence from the Santa Clara County Public Health Department and from SCU; and frequently asked questions (FAQs), please visit the website of the Cowell Health Center.

  • Santa Clara Scores with a Super Celebration

    Thousands of fans came to Santa Clara University Saturday for the Super Community Celebration, a daylong festival developed in collaboration with the city of Santa Clara.

  • Seven Lessons from Sports Legends

    Lessons abound at a pre-Super Bowl lunchtime event Jan. 26 with sports legends George Seifert, Ronnie Lott, Brandi Chastain and more.

  • Bringing Back a Classic

    Bronco Athletics recently announced that they would be revamping logos and uniforms for a classic look.