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Every SCU student’s experience is unique, but Bronco spirit remains the same.

Nathan Metzger ’17,
Mechanical Engineering


Onno Ho

International opportunties for action and engagement create experiences that leave students transformed.

Onno Ho ’18,


Be a part of a community that allows you to be who you want to be. At SCU, prepare to discover yourself.

Eva Blanco Masias,
Undergraduate Admission

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    Winning the Pulitzer

    Tatiana Sanchez ’10 got her start in journalism courses and The Santa Clara student newspaper before going on to win a Pulitzer Prize.

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    Old-school Necessity Becomes New-school Trend

    A Santa Clara bioengineering and chemistry major on designing eco fashion.

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    Recovery of Faith in a New Direction

    Ethicist David DeCosse considers the distinction between religion and God in the the novel and movie Silence.

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    Poet Laureate to Address Class of 2017

    U.S. Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera will speak to Santa Clara students at the June 17 graduation celebration.

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    Troll Patrol

    Two SCU Law professors are helping shape an influential patent-law case before the Supreme Court.