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  • JST's Camino Ignaciano Class 2019 image link to article

    Doing Theology

    How do graduate students trained at Santa Clara’s Jesuit School of Theology practice and understand “real life” religion? They dabble in sociology.

  • 2nd Chances Hackathon image link to article

    Hacking Empathy

    SCU law school’s 2nd Chances Empathy Hackathon produces ready-to-deploy tech such as a web app that plots out how to obtain ID for those just released from prison.

  • Illustration of a red bird in a cage image link to article

    A Lobby for Justice

    A swim. A murder. And a case with a decades-long legacy that kept the wrongfully convicted from winning their freedom.

  • Photograph of Rhiannon Giddens performing onstage with Francesco Turrisi at SCU's Mayer Theatre. image link to article

    Rhiannon Giddens Resurrects the Past

    Frank Sinatra Chair in the Performing Arts enthralls, educates SCU audience

  • President Kevin O'Brien greets the crowd at his Inauguration image link to article

    A Call to Beauty and Goodness

    Santa Clara University inaugurates Kevin O’Brien, S.J., its 29th President.

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