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  • Assistant Professor Sherry Wang teaches in a classroom image link to article

    Questions About Questions

    How can counseling psychologists better serve LGBTQ people in the South? Assistant Professor Sherry Wang says it starts with asking better questions.

  • Picture of an open historical yearbook image link to article

    Keep in Touch!

    Assistant Professor Amy Lueck time travels through yearbooks, unpacking the “have a great summers” of yesteryear.

  • T-giving dinner image link to article

    It’s Time We Do More Than Just ‘Survive’ Thanksgiving Dinner

    Too often, we see truth used as a weapon, rather than as a way to build a bridge to another, paved by human kindness, writes President Kevin O’Brien in an op-ed for The Mercury News.

  • Ohlone Mural image link to article

    How to Give Thanks and Acknowledge History

    Though the broad messages of Thanksgiving are ones we can all theoretically get behind—offering gratitude and sharing one’s bounty—Joanna Thompson, director of Santa Clara's Office of Multicultural Learning, says it's important to acknowledge that this messaging does not tell the whole story.

  • Candlelight vigil for 30th Anniversary of Jesuit Massacre in El Salvador image link to article

    The Courage to Speak and Act

    SCU team travels to El Salvador to mark 30th anniversary of Jesuit massacre, returns with message to honor martyrs’ legacy.

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