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Global Engagement

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Our world is global; you should be too.  At SCU, students, faculty and staff engage in global programs and initiatives around the world.   

All of our schools and the College have global activities that include a focus on global learning and social justice.  Over one-third of SCU students participate in at least one program abroad during their time at SCU.  Research and global expertise take faculty to far-flung places ranging from Nicaragua to Nigeria.  International students choose SCU for the quality of our academic programs, our focus on social justice and our Silicon Valley location. International scholars and researchers from around the globe spend a term or year at SCU.   We think that these experiences shape our campus and sense of global responsibility and connectedness --  and that the world may be the best classroom of all.


Fall 2020 Global Engagement Photo Contest Winners and Finalists


Explore global programs

Global Programs and Opportunities image cap

Global Programs and Opportunities

Join an entire world of research, study, and work opportunities.

Research and Teaching for Faculty and Scholars image cap

Research and Teaching for Faculty and Scholars

Add to your worldview and global knowledge. Comprehend a variety of issues that are important to our society and world today.

International Travel for Faculty/Staff image cap

International Travel for Faculty/Staff

University policy on international travel for faculty and staff.

Diversity and Identity Abroad image cap

Diversity and Identity Abroad

Anticipate how aspects of your identity may be received in your host country. Empower yourself with knowledge of the country's complex cultural, social, and historical dynamics.

International Students and Scholars image cap

International Students and Scholars

Become a part of the growing international community at SCU. Grow intellectually and achieve more among students, scholars, and researchers from around the world.

Study Abroad: Finding the right program for you image cap

Study Abroad: Finding the right program for you

Consolidate your international experience and education. Explore an increasingly interconnected global society while developing your academic and professional experience.

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