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International Students

Welcome International Students and Scholars!

SCU welcomes over 1,500 international students and scholars to our campus community from Austria to Zambia.

International students choose SCU for a term or year or for their full degree. Students tell us they appreciate SCU’s academic quality and opportunities to explore the liberal arts and sciences – even while they pursue a degree in an area like Business or Engineering. They tell us that the Jesuit, Catholic tradition that focuses on social justice leads them to a campus that is student-centered and globally connected. And they tell us that they are excited by the opportunities not only on campus but in the dynamic Silicon Valley community around them.

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International students and scholars participate in every program and school at the University. Admission to SCU is managed directly by the academic program, and deadlines and application materials vary based on the program. Explore our programs below.

 Admissions Information  English Proficiency
 Non Degree and Exchange Students  Visiting International Professors and Researchers
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Learn about the steps to come to the U.S. as an international student. Request the immigration documents you need. Begin your visa application process. Plan your travel to SCU. Prepare to arrive in the U.S. Explore the immigration entry experience.

I-20 Request Process DS-2019 Request Process
SEVIS Fee and F-1 Visa Application SEVIS Fee and J-1 Visa Application
International Student Welcome (ISW) Arrival and Getting to SCU
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Take a detailed walk-through of your immigration documents. Learn the immigration rules every international student needs to know. Learn to manage immigration related risks and benefits.

 Immigration Documents  Student Travel
 Enrollment and Reduced Course Loads  Address Updates
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SCU's international students and alumni take their education to the next level by gaining practical training and experience in their field. Learn about the immigration authorization that gives international students the ability to participate in these practical training while maintaining valid immigration status.

On Campus Employment H-1B/Life after F-1
Curricular Practical Training SCU Reporting Portal
Optional Practical Training SEVP Reporting Portal
STEM OPT Extension Information For Employers


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Learn about the various government processes that international students go through when starting live in the U.S. Connect with on-campus resources and offices to support your time at SCU.

 Social Security Number  Driver's License and CA ID
 Student Tax Information  Working with the Government
 Social Security Number  International Student Insurance
 Fraud and Scams  On Campus Resources
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Learn about our core programming and events. Sign up to get involved as a participant or leader. Gain leadership experience, learn about U.S. culture, or make new friends.

 International Student Advisory Committee  The iExchange Program
 US Cultural Conversations  Annual Employment Conference
 International Graduation Celebration  International Student Clubs
 International Education Week  International Student Calendar
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Learn about getting your important immigration documents through the semi-privatized US mail system. Get quick access to resources that international students find helpful. Broaden your horizons with a better understanding of the changes to regulations which govern your stay at SCU.

 ISS Forms  Regulation Updates
 Immigration Document Mailing  International Student Fee

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