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Annual Employment Conference

Annually, just prior to the start of the Fall quarter, ISS hosts an employment conference designed to help newly arrived international students understand immigration rules related to employment, connect with on-campus employment resources and begin their successful search for internships, externships, and practical training.

Speakers and Co-Sponsors

  • SCU Human Resources
  • SCU International Students & Scholars
  • SCU Career Center
  • SCU Graduate Business Career Management

Outline of Sessions / Content

Past sessions have included:

  • Welcome & Icebreaker
  • Employment Resources at SCU
  • Employment Rules for F-1 Students
  • On-Campus Employment
  • U.S. Business Slang
  • U.S. Resume Tips
  • Timeline for Summer Internships
  • U.S. Job Search and Employment Culture
  • Career Fair Tips
  • Degree / Program Specific Employment Tips
  • Pro-Tips from Senior International Students and Alumni
  • S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Select presentation materials are shared to our LinkedIn group.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Annual Employment Conference was created to help newly arrived students get important employment related information quickly and easily!

The event charge covers the cost of food (breakfast, lunch, snacks) and room rental / cleaning.

ISS does not earn any money for this event and all moneys collected go to cover the cost of the event.

Yes, unfortunately it will not be possible for us to reverse charges based on who eats how much. We order food based on the RSVP number, and each students who attends the event will be charged.