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U.S. Cultural Conversations

The U.S. Cultural Conversations Series is designed to give international students a crash course on what to expect from every day life in the U.S. We bring together experts and resources from around campus to address topics and questions that international students have told us they want to learn about.

U.S. Cultural Conversations

Pre-Term: International Student Employment Conference
Download: Life in the U.S. ISS Employment Conference Slides

Writing and Academic Success
Learn more about the U.S. academic writing style and how to be successful in SCU courses that include writing requirements.
Co-host: HUB Writing Center
Presenter: Professor Denise Krane

Pro-tips: Current Student's Advice
Come learn tips about living in the U.S. directly from current international students. There will be plenty of time for questions!
Presenter: Current SCU International Students

Get Involved at SCU!
From clubs to leadership learn about all of the various ways to get involved on campus.
Co-host: Center for Student Involvement
Presenter: Tedd Vanadilok, Director of the Center for Student Involvement

Spiritual Life at SCU and in the U.S. 
Learn about ways that SCU students and Americans experience, practice and talk about religion and spirituality. Students from all or no spiritual backgrounds are invited.
Co-host: SCU Campus Ministry
Presenter: Julia Claire Santos, Associate Director, Campus Ministry

Immigrant’s Introduction to U.S. Politics and Government
Learn about the U.S. government and political process. Get answers to all your questions about America's political system!
Co-host: Political Science Department
Presenter: Professor Matthew Lesenyie

U.S. Social Norms
Learn more about why Americans act the way they do as well as some tips and tricks for making friends in the U.S.
Presenter: ISS Team

U.S. Health Care
Learn answers to common questions about the U.S. health care systems, such as how to pick a doctor and how to pay medical bills
Co-host: Cowell Health Center
Presenter: Patricia Sandvick, Insurance Coordinator

Banking and Building Credit as an International Student
Learn more about the banking and credit systems in the U.S. as well as how to start building your credit as an international student.
Co-sponsor: Financial Aid Office
Presenter: Nan Merz, Dean of University Financial Aid Services

U.S. Academics Tips: Time Management Skills
Learn how to manage your time effectively for academic success!
Co-host: Drahmann Advising and Learning Resources Center
Presenter: Garrison Dyer, Assistant Dean of Learning Resources

Talking about Race and Identity in the U.S.
Learn about ways that SCU students and Americans experience and talk about identitiy, including racial, national and ethnic identity.
Co-host: Office for Multicultural Learning
Presenter: Joanna Thompson, Director

Finals Giveaway
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Future Topics

  • U.S. Academics Tips: Study Skills
  • Health and Wellness: Diet, Exercise and Stress Management
  • Honesty and integrity in U.S. Academic Culture
  • Establishing Goals for your time in the U.S.
  • Jesuit Education and Values
  • Sports Night