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Political Science

Our program blends traditional academic coursework with experiential learning opportunities like public and private sector internships, study abroad, and a Washington Semester Program where SCU students combine classroom learning with work at places like the Justice Department, international NGOs, the White House, and elsewhere.
  • 2016 SCU Global Fellows

    Congratulations to Political Science majors Brittany Cheung '17, Nicholas Redfield '18, and Riley McShane '17 and to Political Science minor Zipporah Ridley '17.

    • Ashraf Hammad '17

      "As a part of the Global Social Benefit Fellowship, I will enter a comprehensive program of social entrepreneurship, field-based study and action research. This summer, I will have the privilege of working alongside Empower Generation, a social enterprise that identifies, trains and supports rural women to distribute clean energy solutions to their remote communities in Nepal. In this pursuit, I, along with my colleague Clarissa Nguyen, will research, investigate, and document the impact of Empower Generation on its entrepreneurs, sales agents and customers."