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Department ofPolitical Science

Internships and Fellowships


The Department of Political Science encourages students to work as interns during their time at Santa Clara University. Internships can provide valuable opportunities through which students can gain hands-on job experience, learn more about organizations and careers, develop useful skills and habits, and interact with leaders and members of the community. Political science students often intern for elected officials, government agencies, public law offices, and non-profit organizations. Most internships correspond with our fall, winter, and summer academic terms.

We offer three options for those interested in receiving course credit for internship work. POLI 198A and POLI 198B are 5-unit courses that require 100 hours of internship work and include coursework such as assigned readings, class discussions, informational interviews, and a research paper. They are typically offered in the winter and summer. Internships that include sustained direct contact with underprivileged, underserved, or politically or socially marginalized populations may qualify for ELSJ credit. In those cases, students taking POLI 198A or 198B may receive approval for POLI 198EL. Finally, students working less than 100 hours and not desiring a 5-unit course may take POLI 198 as a 2-unit independent study. Students seeking to take POLI 198 must make arrangements with a political science faculty member.

Fellowships and Programs

Fellowships provide funding for projects, studying abroad, and graduate studies. Some fellowships are intended for undergraduates, while others serve to fund graduate studies geared toward certain career paths. Many organizations also offer non-fellowship training and development programs for undergrads and recent graduates, often during the summer months. 

In addition to the opportunities listed on the link below, interested students should also visit the Office of Student Fellowships site for more information.

Current Opportunities

The Political Science Department keeps a live list of internships, fellowships, scholarships, etc. that students can apply to throughout the year. 

Student Experience
Sean Gallagher, 2023 Panetta Intern

Sean Gallagher '25 represented Santa Clara University for the 2023 cycle of the Panetta Institute for Public Policy Congressional Internship Program.

Jordan Tachibana '23 represented Santa Clara University for the 2022 cycle of the Panetta Institute for Public Policy Congressional Internship Program.

Learn more about Kaylen's experience in Washington, D.C.!

Senior Beau Scott has been named a 2019 Coro Fellow.

Political science major Beau Scott ‘19 will be immersed in the public sector in San Francisco through this premier fellowship for aspiring public servants.

Christopher will be interning at Villa Grimaldi, a human rights advocacy organization based out of Santiago, Chile over the summer of 2019.