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Department ofPolitical Science

Faculty Experts

Professor Areas of Expertise:

  • Dennis Gordon
    Dennis Gordon

    US Foreign Policy - not Middle East, Africa, or Asia; Environmental Policy; Latin America and the Caribbean


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    Greg Corning

    International Relations/East Asia, US Foreign policy in East Asia, Politics in Northeast Asia (Japan, China, Korea)

  • Jane Curry
    Jane Leftwich Curry

    Foreign Policy- Europe and Russia/Caucasus; Minority Issues; Human Rights; Populism; Media; Campaign

  • Peter Minowitz
    Peter Minowitz

    Diversity, Affirmative Action, Campus Protests, Jesuit Education, Church & State; Neoconservatism; the 2003 Iraq War; Political Rhetoric/Truthfulness; Machiavelli, Adam Smith, Karl Marx, Leo Strauss, Friedrich Nietzsche

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    Elsa Chen
    Criminal justice policy reform; policy implementation and effects; sentencing; criminal records expungement; reentry.


  • Naomi Levy
    Naomi Levy

    National identity; identity politics; ethnic conflict; international peacebuilding; state legitimacy; research methodology.