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The REAL Program

Implementing NASA simulations. Excavating and cataloging artifacts from a Mission period adobe house. Creating accessible healthcare policy. Designing and painting a mural for the Forge Garden. These are some of the amazing things REAL students are doing.

Important Steps and FAQs

REAL Application

Real Experience. Applied Learning.

Experiential Learning is key to an education through the College of Arts and Sciences. As an institution that recognizes the importance of learning beyond the classroom, we aim to provide paid research, internship, project, or creative work opportunities for all undergraduate students within the College. Through the REAL Program, students can discover their interests, gain a rich understanding of a particular field, discern their career goals, explore future employment fields, and grow their professional networks. Experiences funded through REAL last up to ten weeks during the summer; alternatively, our REAL@Work program supports multidisciplinary team-based projects during the academic quarters.


Student Experiences


Distributed to Students

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"My favorite experience of the entire research project was being able to attend the Botany 2022 convention to present our findings and learn from experts in their fields."  

Elaine Meslow '23, Biology
Research student in SCU's Flower Power Lab
Avery Munn headshot

Through the REAL Program, Public Health and Psychology double major Avery Munn ’24 got experience promoting and advocating for mental health services while interning at the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Melanie Eng

Immersed in another culture and away from the comforts of home, Melanie Eng ’24 completed an internship in Barcelona, Spain where she gained insight into her future career goals and adopted a more global worldview.

Michael Weatherford

Michael Weatherford ’23, a lifelong lover of the outdoors, participated in a research opportunity through the REAL program where he got to conduct field work in the Suisun marsh.

Francesca D'Urzo

Francesca D'Urzo ’24 completed an internship with the REAL program where she worked alongside K-12 educators, learning technical skills, building connections, and solidifying her post-grad plans.