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Booze on the Brain

Compulsive drinking may be due to dysfunction in a specific brain pathway that normally helps keep drinking in check.



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    Making Connections Through Music

    Rhiannon Giddens brought her passion for music to the classroom, sharing her artistic process of creation and collaboration with students.

      Student Stories

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        Growing through Art

        REAL student Yesenia Magdaleno-Solis ’20 looks to utilize art as a way to “cultivate creative confidence” in the next generation.

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        Making a difference in children's lives

        Psychology major Alex Hagerty ’20 provided an engaging, fun, and educational experience to homeless children through the REAL program.

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        Working towards justice for the disadvantaged

        REAL student Olivia Mora ‘20 interned with the Federal Trade Commission investigating unfair business practices.

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        Combating Drug-Resistant Bacteria

        De Novo Fellow Dylan Lawton ‘20 contributes to the search for a more effective treatment of microbial infections.

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